Frequently Answered Questions

What's VIP Juniors all about?

Our Mission Statement is the "GPS" for the Club. We strive to have everything we do reflect our mission of being a competitive club that pursues excellence in an athletic community atmosphere. We work with our athletes to create a culture of greatness in which we are committed to serious improvement.

How is VIP Juniors different from other clubs?

We LOVE this sport. Our head-coaching staff has spent over a combined 130 years as students of this game and coaching has become our opportunity to impress on our players how magnificent volleyball really is!

Should I stay and play with my high school friends?

It depends. What is your ultimate goal for volleyball? IF it is to play in college, then there is a skill that you need to learn RIGHT NOW!! The skill of adaptability. Our definition: the ability to step outside the high school "comfort zone" and get along with , play with, and support 8 other teammates you don't know very well. If you decide to play in college, then more than likely, you won't have your high school teammates playing with you.

Can multi-sport athletes play on VIP Juniors teams?

YES! Sports and activities are an integral part of the school experience. We make every effort to schedule practices that accommodate some of these other activities. However, if an athlete participates in another sport/activity, we expect the athlete to have GOOD communication with their coach. The scheduled practice sessions and workouts, designed by our coaches, help prepare our players' volleyball techniques, duties, and tactics that they will need to compete at a higher level.

How many teams does VIP have?

How many teams we have always depends on the number of players that come to tryout. We generally have one team in each age division and will form a second team if there is need. This year we have a Youth program (age 8-11), U12's, U13's, U14's, U15's, U16 National, U17 Team, and a U18 National Team. 

How often do teams practice?

Teams will practice twice weekly unless there is a holiday that kicks us out of one of our practice facilities.


Where do our teams practice?

All of our practice facilities are located in the Valley.

How long is the season?

Anywhere from 20-33 weeks. There could be a few practices in December, as well as the Club Player/Parent Meetings and the Annual Score/Ref Clinics. We break for the Winter Holidays, and then return at the NEW YEAR full force!! Tournaments usually start mid/late-January and finish with the Evergreen Regional Championships the last weekend of April. This completes the regular club season. In May, practices begin for some of our older teams who are preparing to play at either Emerald City, AAU Nationals, Girls Jr Natl Championships, or the Summer Soiree. ALL of these tournaments will require practice/play into the beginning of July.  There is an additional cost for post-season play.

What is the cost of the various teams and what is included in that cost?

Team fees vary, and are listed under the "TEAMS" tab for the respective age groups.

How are club dues paid?

There is a payment plan designed to make the payment of dues easier for the majority of our families. Parents and players will receive the specific information on payment plans and fund-raising opportunities at the Parent Meeting during our tryouts.


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